This creative tool is quite simple and serves as an icebreaker intended not only to “break the ice” but also to eliminate the fear of the unknown and any prejudice that people may have. A group of participants is divided in two equal smaller groups - a group sitting down and a group drawing.

Those who draw stand in front of those who sit, and each person drawing is assigned one person sitting. The person who draws stands before that person with a paper and a coloured pencil. Drawers stand in a line in front of the persons who are sitting, one drawer next to another. 
The task in this fun exercise is for the drawer to draw the person sitting in front of him/her in just 20 seconds, and then (after 20 seconds) to make a single step to the left toward another person who is sitting and to hand over his/her drawing to the drawer who came to his/her place. That way, the other drawer continues the drawing of the person who is sitting and adds to the drawing his/her own impressions of that person. The entire line moves again after 20 seconds and so on. In the end, after the drawers have made a full circle with all persons who are sitting, drawings are finished and displayed on the wall, and the participants sit in a circle and share their impressions.