We intend to make a popular ball pit (like those found in amusement parks) but in much smaller size - only two persons would be able to sit in it. That pool would be located in a busy pedestrian area with many passers-by. One immigrant would sit on a chair in a pit. The other chair would be empty and it would serve as an invitation to passers-by to interact: HAVE A SEAT - TAKE A BALL - ASK A QUESTION.

 When a passer-by sits in front of the immigrant and takes a ball, he/she will see on it a series of questions for the immigrant. 
"Where do you come from?” 
“What is your dream?” 
“What would you like to be?” 
“What are you afraid of?” 
After answering, the immigrant may ask his/her own questions. That way they will ask each other questions and the immigrant will get to know this random unknown passer-by.