With POSITIVE MESSENGERS project events we aim at:

Empower target groups and promote peer-to-peer and civil society initiatives to counter hate speech;
 Create networks of local, national and international partners to counter online hate speech through production and dissemination of positive messages;
Encourage positive discourses and counter-narratives in order to limit hate speech against migrants/refugees;
Develop and test peer-reviewed training materials for target audiences.

One person is asking folowing questions: 
• Do you think I prefer to spent my holidays in the mountains / by the sea? 
• In the party do I prefer beer/vine/shots? 
• In the restaurant do I order big tasty steak or veggie salad? 
• Do I have a dog? 
• Do I have a driving licence? 
• ACTIVITY: What do you thing about me? 
• Have I ever been in Africa? 
• Do I prefer summer/winter sports? 
• Am I punctual/tidy/strict? 
• After that we talk about the selection criteria we use. Each participant reveals the stereotypes concealed in his/her decision making. We try to name these stereotypes and we look for their sources and the reasons why they originated. 
Students wrote down positive messages against stereotypes.

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