We mark February 6 as a day of safer internet. According to a research, almost half of teenagers have had negative experiences on the Internet. Although the digital environment has been part of their life since childbirth, young people need to develop the competences of active citizens in a diverse internet community.

Sofia Development Association and Sofia Municipality are joining this special day celebration with three video clips made by SDA with the aim to help young people:

- To recognize hate speech which negatively affects human dignity;


- To report hate speech on the internet;


- To respond to hate speech with alternatives, which give different perspectives and encourage human rights and digital democratic culture.


"Young people today spend more time on the net than they ever did ever before. Therefore, there is an urgent need to help them see the positive aspects of connectivity and to support them to overcome the negative effects. Thus, the Internet and our city will be a safer and nicer place. "

Yordanka Fandakova, Sofia Mayor