On 9th February 2018 the Coalition of Positive Messengers to Counter Online Hate Speech grew a little bit bigger with 30 new young people joining in. Representatives from the Sofia Development Association presented the project infront of 30 young Bulgarians from all over the country, who were participants in the “Be the Change” training, which is part of the Multi Kulti Collective “European Community Empowerment” project. 

The participants got to learn about the reports, which all of the organizations participating in the project issued in the first year of its implementation. They also got to see the three informational videos about online hate speech – “How to Recognize Online Hate Speech”, “How to Report Online Hate Speech” and “Creating Positive Narratives in Response to Online Hate Speech”.

The SDA representatives also informed the participants about the new addition to the Positive Messengers’ website – “Positive Mesengers – HOT LINE” which includes three interesting and informational quizzes about the refugees’ way of living and opportunities to post a picture or video of yourself with a positive messages. The “HOT LINE” aims at making the coalition even bigger.

After the presentation every participant in the training got to write a note with positive messages, with which to counter online hate speech. A huge part of them wanted to be a part of the coalition by sending in their pictures or videos and participating in the project’s future events.

One of the participants wrote down “Positive messages have to lead to an internet environment which makes every user feel safe.” in reference to the Safer Internet Day which is celebrated on 6th February every year.