The second partnership meeting under the Coalition of Positive Messengers took place in Perugia, Italy on 6-8 June and was hosted by our partner Forma.Azione. 

In the meeting framework we organized a joint discussion with presentation of the findings of the national framework mapping reports developed by the partners from 7 project countries with local stakeholders. The local stakeholders who joined the meeting were representatives of the following organizations ARCI Perugia (the most important Umbria first and second refugees and asylum seekers welcome services operator), CPIA (a structure of the Ministry of Education that provides a training offer for adults and young adults from socially excluded groups who have not completed the compulsory education), Young Muslims of Italy Association -“GMI”( a national social, free, independent and apartheid association), Department for the immigration, international protection, promotion of the culture of peace, young people of the Region of Umbria and Università degli Studi di Perugia. They joined our Coalition of Positive Messengers and assured us that they will be actively involved in further project activities such as trainings and public campaign.

The full national reports describing the national contexts, societal responses to online hate speech with policy recommendations will be published on the project websites July 2017.

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