In a dilematic world, confronted with finding truth or developing "alternative truths," in an online environment where hate speech is growing, children and young people are the most exposed victims of these phenomena.

The spread of increasingly modern methods of contact via the Internet, the development of forms of online aggression - bullying, aggressive languages, hateful websites, etc. - should give us thought about the safety of our children. The community, parents, teachers, authorities, non-governmental organizations, we all have a responsibility to create a safe online environment with reliable, verifiable and reliable information. At the workshop organized on January 27, 2018 in Tîrgu Mureș by Asociatia Divers within the project ”Positive Coalition of Messengers to Combat Hate speech in the Online Environment” funded by the European Commission - General Directorate for Justice, the following topics were discussed:

                1. How do we recognize the hate speech?

                2. Free speech or hate speech?

                3. How do we protect ourselves from the hate speech? 

We thank the participants, all of them teachers, for the interest shown in the sensitive themes approached and the willingness to engage in diminishing the hate speech phenomenon! It was a day that confirmed that what we do through our projects makes sense and we are not alone worried about everything that induces hatred around us.