We are launching our “Positive Messengers - HOTLINE” public campaign against online hate speech that will go through different stages over the next 10 months and will be held in seven more countries.

The goal of our campaign is to make the Internet space a more welcoming and friendly environment for everyone by enabling them to join our Coalition and to share their own positive messages.

We will dedicate December to human rights. And what better way to start from the opportunity to become part of the conference with over 110 young people – “Young People and Hate Speech: Tools for Counteraction”, organized by the National Youth Forum and the Student Council of New Bulgarian University on 13 December. The meeting with young people, willing to rediscover both themselves and others, was both motivating and successful - our Coalition of POSITIVE MESSENGERS grew.

Become part of our Coalition, write a positive message or take a picture, and share it on our website www.positivemessengers.net - be positive messengers!