Terms of Participation in the “POSITIVE MESSENGERS – Hotline” Campaign


  1. Organizer of the campaign

Foundation “Sofia Development Association”, with a seat and management address: Sofia, Oborishte District, 33 Moskovska Street, entered in the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities under Company Case № 495/2010. of the Sofia City Court, BULSTAT code: 175941584, lead partner under the “Coalition of Positive Messengers to Counter Online Hate Speech” project - JUST/2015/RRAC/AG/BEST/8931, funded by the European Commission - DG Justice.

  1. Name of the Campaign


  1. Goal

The “POSITIVE MESSENGERS – Hotline” Campaign aims to bring together as many positive messengers as possible, who, through their photo or video message, will oppose the spread of hate speech on the Internet.

  1. Territorial scope

National campaigns in seven countries: Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic and Croatia.

  1. Acceptance of the Terms of Participation

          5.1 All participants agree that they have read carefully and fully understand these Terms, which are published on the website of the “Coalition of Positive Messengers to Counter Online Hate Speech” project, as follows: https://www.positivemessengers.net/en/positive-messengers.html

          5.2 The Terms of Participation enter into force on the date of their publication.

          5.3 Sofia Development Association can amend the current Terms of Participation at any time without prior notice. All changes will be posted online at http://www.positivemessengers.net and enter into effect from the time of their publishing.

          5.4 In case of a dispute over the Terms, as well as any other issues related to the “POSITIVE MESSENGERS – Hotline” Campaign, the decision of Sofia Development Association is final and cannot be challenged by written correspondence or verbally, unless stipulated in the law.


  1. How to join the Campaign

The campaign participants must publish their photograph or video, which meets the requirements described in paragraph 7 of these Terms of Participation, on the project website platform http://www.positivemessengers.net, POSITIVE MESSENGERS menu.

  1. Photograph/video requirements

7.1 The photograph/video must be an original material with an author - the Campaign participant. By joining the Campaign, the participant confirms, declares and guarantees that the published photo/video is an original work created solely by him/her, that the photo/video does not violate any copyright, trademark, personality rights, publicity or rights on the intellectual property of any person or organization, and that no other party has any rights, property rights, claims or participation rights related to the photography/video.

7.2 The photo/video should not contain obscene, provocative, openly sexually-oriented or other objectionable or otherwise inappropriate content.

7.3 The photographs must meet the following technical specifications:

                      - Colour or black-and-white photography;

                      - Formats: .JPG or .PNG; 

                      - Size: no larger than 2 MB and 640 pixels in width and height.

7.4 The video must meet the following technical specifications:

                      - To be no more than one minute and a half;

                      - To be uploaded in advance on youtube.com;

                      - To be tagged with #positivemessengers hashtag.

7.5 In case the photo/video contains materials or elements that are not the property of the participant, and/or which are subject to the rights of third parties, and/or in the event that persons, whose consent for publication must be obtained, appear on the photo/video, then the participant is responsible for obtaining all permissions and consents necessary for publishing and using the photo/video without any additional compensation.

7.6 In case the photo/video features a person, who is minor, the participant assumes the responsibility that his/her material is in accordance with the law.

7.7 The participants bear personal responsibility for each publication they make on the website http://www.positivemessengers.net.

7.8 The participants are aware that any content published on the Campaign platform may become publicly available. Sofia Development Association cannot guarantee that other users will comply with the current Terms.

7.9 Sofia Development Association has the right (but not the obligation), at its own discretion, to review, edit, restrict or refuse to publish or submit a publication of a Participant. Sofia Development Association is also entitled to removing any publication made by a participant that violates these Terms of Participation and/or when it deems it otherwise unacceptable.
Sofia Development Association has the right to use the photos and videos from the “POSITIVE MESSENGERS – Hotline” Campaign free of charge for multiple publishing and reproduction in unlimited number and unlimited circulation on paper and/or in electronic format, as well as to use the pictures and videos with advertising and promotional purposes, related to the popularization of the “Coalition of Positive Messengers to Counter Online Hate Speech” project at no additional cost.


  1. Other

8.1 Sofia Development Association is driven entirely by good intentions. This is purely an initiative by the people and for the people. In the event of attempts to violate the terms and rules, fraud, improper behaviour, adding obscene content, insults, discrimination, etc. – the participants will be withdrawn.

8.2 Sofia Development Association is not responsible for the copyright and other rights of the materials published by the participants in the campaign.

  1. Applicable legislation

In case of disputes or claims related to these Terms of Participation, the Participant and Sofia Development Association shall endeavour to settle the dispute by mutual agreement. If such an agreement is not reached, the dispute should be resolved in accordance with national legislation.